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CISDI Releases Cloud Platform to Build Safe, Independent and Controllable Industrial Cloud
CopyFrom: Date:03 September 2019
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  On August 27, “Chongqing · Cloud for Good" Huawei Cloud City Summit 2019 was held at Chongqing International Expo Center. CISDI Group Co., Ltd. (CISDI) and Huawei jointly released CISDI Cloud & Huawei Cloud joint solution to provide professional cloud services for smart and digital industry transformation.

  Ren Xuefeng, Deputy Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, Xiao Xuefen, Chairman and Party Committee Secretary of CISDI, Zheng Yelai, Vice President of Huawei and President of Huawei Cloud Business, Zhang Yong, Chairman of CISDI INFO, and Wang Jinsong, CEO of CISDI INFO, attended the press conference.

  CISDI Cloud is the first industrial ecological cloud based on Huawei's ARM chip. It focuses on building a safe, independent and controllable purely domestic cloud platform to deeply explore the value of big data intelligence, enabling data to empower the industry.

  Different from traditional cloud technology or cloud service enterprise, CISDI Cloud does not focus on IT infrastructure construction and leasing, or output IT engineering technology. It provides cloud infrastructure leasing and IASS PASS service and uses the SaaS intelligent application service deeply integrated with industries to build digital economy industrial ecology so as to promote economic development.

  CISDI Cloud makes use of strong cloud computing capability, accurate model and AI algorithm, as well as the complete security guarantee system covering equipment security, network security, data security and transmission security, to perfectly integrate the intelligent production in manufacturing enterprises and the network coordination of the industrial chain. Cloud platform could break space barriers to realize a remote integrated control of multiple manufacturing bases with a headquarters platform; it could also break the enterprise boundary to connect raw materials, logistics, finance, downstream customers and other industrial partners based on industrial Internet and use data to build the industrial coordination ecosystem so as to create the most profitable steel industry value chain.

  Based on the policy, geographic and environmental advantages of Chongqing as the top ten national-level Internet backbone direct connection point and the top five major industrial Internet identification analysis system node, CISDI Cloud chose to settle in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing to provide cloud resource services for different levels, types and scales of enterprises. The cloud platform is characterized by resource scalability, resource pooling and resource ubiquity. Up to now, there are more than 360 kinds of cloud services, about 2,500 types of business, more than 200 government systems, and thousands of enterprises in the CISDI Cloud platform.


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