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The Karbarra - Salongkuhani Highway Investigation Project of Shen Kan Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC in Ivory Coast Starts
CopyFrom: Date:01 August 2019
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  Shen Kan Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC won the bid for the construction of the Ivorian Karbarra - Salongkuhani highway, and on July 30, it was learned that the construction drawing investigation project officially started.

  This project is located in the northwest of Ivory Coast. It is a north-south highway connecting the northwest of Ivory Coast with Odienné and Biliban, with a total length of about 34.64 km. After the completion, it will realize the connection of the Aobei (Odienné - Biliban) Highway and Odienné Duékoué, thus facilitating the connection of the road network between the eastern and western parts of Ivory Coast and the economically developed areas in the central and southern parts of the country. It will provide a convenient passage for the northwestern part of the country to San Pedro Port, Abidjan City, and Yamoussoukro Port, and further accelerate the development of border trade of the country and the economy in the northern region. This construction drawing investigation work of 34.64 km lines is carried out in accordance with the specifications under the French standard system, which is very different from the current standards in China and is another challenge to the investigation level of Shen Kan Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC. Soil test is the difficulty of the project. In the test, Shen Kan Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC will use the lateral pressure test method in order to obtain more accurate test results.

  In recent years, Shen Kan Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC has further given full play to the advantages of whole industry chain to actively explore overseas markets. It has established presence in African markets. In 2019, it has successively launched a number of African projects in South Africa, Ivory Coast and other countries. Previously, it also participated in the measurement of the Karbarra - Salongkuhani highway, laying a good foundation for smooth development of this investigation. The team of Shen Kan Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC continues to implement the MCC spirit of "no work should be delayed for even one day" and strictly control the project quality to ensure that it is put into production on time, showing the card of "national team" with practical actions.


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