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China MCC 20 Group Co., Ltd (MCC 20) Wins the First Bid for Infrastructure in Xiong'an New Area
CopyFrom: Date:07 August 2019
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  On July 30, under the guidance of MCC's strategy to be a pipe gallery expert, MCC20 successfully expanded the marketing work in Xiong'an and won the bidding of RDSG-2 for the construction of municipal roads, comprehensive pipe network and drainage pipe network system of the Rongdong Area housing project (A and F communities) in Xiong'an New Area shantytowns, which was the first bid project for infrastructure in Xiong'an New Area.

  The project is located in the early start-up construction area of Xiong'an New Area, involving road engineering, pipe gallery engineering, bridge engineering, traffic engineering, lighting engineering, and monitoring engineering, including 3.27 km of trunk pipe gallery; five municipal roads with a total length of about 7 km (including about 1 km of lower roads); six bridges with a maximum span of 20m; and 12.5km of rain and sewage pipe network. This project is the first bid for infrastructure in Xiong'an New Area. It will play a leading role in the follow-up Xiong'an municipal infrastructure projects and will also provide an important carrier for Xiong'an to build a green and intelligent new city.

  Standing at the height of "a strategy crucial for a millennium to come and of national significance", MCC attached great importance to the marketing work in Xiong'an, to which MCC20 responded positively. Under the unified command of MCC20's leadership, a special working group on marketing in Xiong'an New Area composed of marketing, managing, technology, BIM design and other personnel, was set up to devote all its efforts to the bidding work of Xiong'an. MCC20 finally stood out from more than 30 excellent large-scale enterprises nationwide and won the first place, demonstrating MCC's strength. Next, MCC20 will adhere to the MCC spirit of "no work should be delayed for even one day" with practical actions. It will see it as its own duty to be a leader in the construction of the New Area and a pioneer of the times, and contribute to the implementation of national strategies and the rapid development of Xiong'an New Area.


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