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Guo Wenqing meets with Tsuneo Murata, Chairman of the Board and President of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
CopyFrom: Date:08 October 2019
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  Recently, Guo Wenqing, General Manager of China Minmetals and Chairman of MCC, led a delegation to meet with Tsuneo Murata, Chairman of the Board and President of Murata Manufacturing, in Kyoto, Japan. The two sides held in-depth and friendly talks on steadily developing partnership, further expanding the cooperation in production and sales of rare earth functional materials, deepening the business exchanges of Li-ion battery materials and seeking investment opportunities in other hi-tech fields.

  Guo Wenqing expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of Murata Manufacturing, and introduced the development of the two Fortune Global 500 enterprises - China Minmetals and MCC after their strategic restructuring. Guo Wenqing pointed out that after the strategic restructuring in 2015, China Minmetals took the lead in connecting the whole industry chain in the global metal mining industry, covering resources acquisition, exploration, design, construction, mining, mineral processing, smelting, logistics and trade. China Minmetals's vision is to be "the first in China and the first class around the world". At present, the assets it manages reach RMB 1.85 trillion and its operating revenue reaches over RMB 500 billion in 2018. In the context of complex and changeable global situation, it achieved a year-on-year growth in revenue and hit a record high in total profits and net profits in the first half of 2019, maintaining a steady development trend.

  Guo Wenqing highlighted that as one of the first state-owned companies in China's metal mining industry, China Minmetals not only pays attention to the acquisition and cooperation opportunities in basic metals such as copper, lead and zinc, but also focuses on the development of rare metals such as rare earth, antimony and lithium. As one of the six major rare earth groups in China, China Minmetals Rare Earth Co.,Ltd. is actively promoting resource integration including Jianghua rare earth project, accelerating its industrial layout in Hunan, Yunnan and other places, and further promoting the R&D of rare earth functional materials in response to the technical requirements of Murata Manufacturing in order to provide greater value to customers. China Minmetals national new energy materials industry base (phase I) and Hunan Changyuan Lico Tongguan base project has been completed and put into operation. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has completed the merger and acquisition of SONY Energy Device. Both sides are highly complementary in new energy materials, and will see broad prospects in mutually beneficial cooperation. China Minmetals is willing to work together with Murata Manufacturing to deepen practical cooperation in relevant fields and seek investment opportunities in other hi-tech fields. China Minmetals has confidence in the supply of rare metal raw materials ensuring the development of hi-tech industries.

  Tsuneo Murata extended a warm welcome to Guo Wenqing and his delegation, and introduced the main business and recent development of Murata Manufacturing. Tsuneo Murata said that Murata Manufacturing attaches great importance to the demand of the Chinese market for hi-tech products such as high-performance electronic components and new energy batteries, appreciates the efforts made by China Minmetals in guaranteeing the supply of metal raw materials, and thanks China Minmetals Rare Earth Co., Ltd. for its strong support to it in the raw materials industrial layout in China. It is willing to continue to deepen friendship, expand cooperation fields and achieve win-win development with such large Chinese enterprise as China Minmetals with mature multiple business system and leading position in the industry.

  Before the meeting, Guo Wenqing and his delegation went to the Yasu Institute, the R&D center of Murata Manufacturing, accompanied by relevant personnel, to visit the product test laboratory and the exhibition hall of Tesla and Pulisu auto parts and listen to relevant introduction. After the meeting, at the invitation of Tsuneo Murata, the two sides had dinner together and further exchanged views on issues of common concern.

  Jiao Jian, Deputy General Manager of China Minmetals, Toru Inoue[11] , Senior Director of Murata Manufacturing, and Ishitani Masahiro[12] , Minister of Murata Manufacturing Capacitor Division, attended the meeting. Kato Masayuki, Tachikawa Weblio, Takehiro Goi, Shangtianmingyan, Xiaochuanchongmao, Wu Zhongxu[13]  and other relevant personnel of Murata Manufacturing, as well as Liu Qingchun, Wang Tao, Hu Liuquan, Han Guorui, Xiao Xuewen, Xiang Mingwu, Yu Zhendong, Zhang Kaifu and other relevant responsible persons of the directly-administered enterprises of China Minmetals also attended the meeting.


  Guo Wenqing having a cordial talk with Tsuneo Murata


  Group photo of Guo Wenqing and Tsuneo Murata


  Group photo of the meeting


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