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Inspection of Singaporean Subsidiary of CRIBC by Zhang Mengxing
During the visit, he met with the Engineering Director of the Land Transport Authority and President of the Management Committee of Mandai Park
CopyFrom: Date:30 August 2019
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  On August 23, Zhang Mengxing, MCC President and Deputy Secretary of MCC Party Committee, paid a visit to Singapore to inspect and guide the work of CRIBC in Singapore. During the visit, Zhang Mengxing met with Ng Kee Nam, Engineering Director of the Land Transport Authority, and Mike Barclay, President of the Management Committee of Mandai Park. They had in-depth exchanges on the Metro Project T311 reached a consensus.

  On the afternoon of June 23, Zhang Mengxing first met with Ng Kee Nam, Engineering Director of the Land Transport Authority. The two sides exchanged views on the progress, quality and safety management of the Metro Project T311 of CRIBC. Zhang Mengxing said that the Metro project T311 in Singapore is the first project contracted by MCC in a foreign country. It creates a precedent of overseas businesses on rail transit and marks the entrance of MCC into a brand new metro construction field. It is a pioneering, symbolic and leading demonstration project of the Group. Zhang stressed that since the tunnel construction of Singapore Metro Project T311 started on October 26, 2018, MCC has invested in the best quality resources, followed the direction of the Land Transport Authority, cooperated closely with the supervision and design, and worked hard to complete the construction tasks with high quality and efficiency. In the future, MCC will, as always, gather its advantageous forces, strive to do a good job in the bidding work for the four sections of the cross-island metro line, win the continuous trust of the owners with the best service and quality, competitive price and good safety record, and continue to obtain new projects.

  Ng Kee Nam, Engineering Director of the Land Transport Authority, warmly welcomed Zhang Mengxing and his delegation. He hoped that MCC would continue to lead by technical advantages in the following bidding work and inject fresh blood into the Singapore metro project.

  Later, Zhang Mengxing met with Mike Barclay, President of Mandai Park Management Committee. Zhang Mengxing firstly introduced the development course of MCC in terms of theme parks and the main performance. He said that in accordance with the strategic positioning of "being the national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the leader of emerging industries, and adhering to continuous high technology and high quality development", MCC has made positive transformation and development, and achieved outstanding achievements in the field of theme parks. MCC has set up the MCC theme park technology research institute and the MCC construction industry fund based on the CRIBC to provide all-round strong support for the development of the theme park industry. At present, it has successfully participated in and completed several large theme park projects at home and abroad such as the Universal Studios in Sentosa Island, Singapore, MNC in Indonesia and Shanghai Disneyland. Zhang stressed that MCC has been committed to applying the strong technical advantages accumulated in the field of industrial environmental protection to the emerging industrial projects. MCC group has the confidence and ability to do a good job in the ecological and environmental protection work of the rainforest park project, and hopes that the two sides will have the opportunity to deepen the project cooperation.

  Mike Barclay, President of Mandai Park Management Committee, introduced the ecological protection concept of the Mandai Park Management Committee in the construction of ecological park, and expressed that he looked forward to further deepen the cooperation with MCC in the future, and realize mutual benefit and win-win through sharing superior resources.

  On the 24th, Zhang Mengxing held an on-site office meeting at the Singaporean Subsidiary of CRIBC and listened to the work report on the development strategy and business development of Singaporean Subsidiary of CRIBC. Zhang Mengxing affirmed the performance of Singaporean Subsidiary of CRIBC in EPC, real estate development and consulting planning, and urban operations, and proposed three requirements. First, make full use of the advantages of the CRIBC in terms of management, technology, and talents, etc.; fully exert competitiveness to plough the Singapore market deeply and radiate the countries along the “Belt and Road'' and go ahead unswervingly following the existing goals. Second, vigorously strengthen the management and control level of project. Strictly control the technical level of the project and strive towards the development goal of high technology, high quality and high speed with the technical advantages of CRIBC to improve market competitiveness. Third, promote the leapfrogging development of ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection. It is necessary to take on the responsibility for ecological environmental protection as a leading role, and establish a long-term mechanism for ecological environmental protection to improve the level of ecological and environmental management.

  In the afternoon, Zhang Mengxing and relevant personnel conducted a field investigation on the bid of Canberra Plot newly won of Singaporean Subsidiary of CRIBC, as well as the completed projects of Poiz Residences, Alps Residences and Metro Project T311. At the site of Metro Project T 311, Zhang Mengxing listened to the project safety management and control work introduced by safety management personnel, and stressed that attention should be paid to the safety and environmental protection work of the project to achieve the highest project level of the Land Transport Authority.

  Wang Wei, Director of Investment Management Department of MCC, Tan Zhiyong, Deputy General Manager and CEO of Singaporean Subsidiary of CRIBC, and other relevant leaders accompanied the investigation.


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