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Guo Wenqing meets Kakiuchi Takehiko, President of Mitsubishi Corporation
CopyFrom: Date:25 September 2019
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  Recently, Guo Wenqing, General Manager of China Minmetals Corporation and Chairman of MCC, led a delegation to meet Kakiuchi Takehiko, President of Mitsubishi Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on further cooperation.

  Guo Wenqing expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of Mitsubishi Corporation and reviewed the friendly history of cooperation between China Minmetals and MCC and Mitsubishi Corporation. Guo Wenqing pointed out that new China Minmetals was jointly restructured by China Minmetals and MCC, which were both two Fortune Global 500 enterprises. In the first half of this year, the company's growth rate of revenue and profit both exceeded 10%, and the development trend was good. At present, China Minmetals has given more prominence to its main business, metal mining, and it is committed to realizing its goal of a "China's first and world-class" metal mining group.

  Guo Wenqing stressed that China Minmetals attaches great importance to the development of metal mining and actively seeks opportunities for mergers and acquisitions of world-class mines of strategic metals such as copper, nickel, lead and zinc; for new energy materials, China Minmetals gives full play to its advantages of resources to develop high-quality projects such as Ramu Nico Management (MCC) Limited, which has consolidated its position in the market of new energy cathode materials; for trade logistics, China Minmetals takes the mineral ore trading center of 100 million-ton class in Caofeidian as a bridgehead to focus on big customers and projects and carry out business cooperation with large international mining enterprises supported by steel enterprises in Tangshan, so as to build a new iron ore trading system pattern; for metallurgical engineering, China Minmetals occupies over 90% of the domestic market and over 60% of the international market, maintaining good partnership with many large steel enterprises.

  Guo Wenqing pointed out that China Minmetals and China MCC have close business contacts with Mitsubishi Corporation, establishing friendly and cooperative relations of mutual trust, and two sides enjoy increasingly frequent top-level exchanges. He hoped that the two sides will further exchanges, enhance mutual trust, give full play to respective advantages, actively expand the space of cooperation in overseas mining development, new energy materials, trade logistics, metallurgical construction and other fields, and he look forward to more fruitful cooperation in various fields.

  Kakiuchi Takehiko extended a warm welcome to Guo Wenqing and his delegation, and introduced the main business and recent development of Mitsubishi Corporation. Kakiuchi Takehiko said that Mitsubishi Corporation fully recognized the stability and development potential of the Chinese market, as well as the strength and status of China Minmetals in multiple business fields. He was looking forward to in-depth cooperation with such large Chinese enterprise as China Minmetals. Mitsubishi Corporation attaches great importance to the development of new energy materials. It is constantly developing its own technology and fully recognizes the great market potential of ore blending center project in Caofeidian. He looked forward to further cooperation in new energy materials, iron ore trade, overseas mining, metallurgical construction and other fields, to realize mutual benefit and win-win results, and build a comprehensive strategic partnership.

  After the meeting, the two sides also had dinner together for in-depth friendly exchanges.

  Jiao Jian, Deputy General Manager of China Minmetals, Nishiura Kanji, Executive Vice President, Corporate Functional Officer, Regional CEO in Asia & Oceania of Mitsubishi Corporation, and Tanaka Norikazu, Executive Director and Group CEO in Mineral Resources Group of Mitsubishi Corporation attended the meeting. [u1] Other people attended the meetings include: related personnel and Mitsubishi Corporation including Nakamura Kenji, Nishino Yuji, Bando Masatoshi and Mane; related personnel of relevant directly-administered enterprises of China Minmetals, including Liu Qingchun, Hu Liuquan, Han Guorui, Xiao Xuewen, Xiang Mingwu, Yu Zhendong, and Zhang Kaifu.


  Photo of Guo Wenqing and Kakiuchi Takehiko


  Group photo of the meeting


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